Concrete Surface Solutions (CSS) is a certified installer of Liquid Elements products. We are proud to have the opportunity to install the best resinous flooring, wall and lining products in the industry.

CSS is a company created with the intention of bringing the words “excellence”, “commitment” and “respect” back into the world of contracting. We are a locally owned business. Candy Edwards, the owner, and her husband Brian, the general manager, were both born and raised in Huntsville and have lifelong ties to the community.

About our services

CSS offers the installation of products that protect, preserve, reinforce and enhance your concrete surface. Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications, we are determined to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Services provided include concrete shot blasting, polishing, staining and stamped overlays. If you have issues with your concrete, we have a solution!


Is my concrete too far gone to be stained or resurfaced?

In most cases, concrete can be resurfaced. All concrete needs to be evaluated by a professional before solutions can be determined. We have an expert available to evaluate your concrete, determine your needs and help to find a solution to accommodate your expectations.

How do you price a project? Is your pricing competitive?

All potential projects are evaluated by an expert. Based on your needs, competitive price options will be given both as a square foot price and total lump sum discounts based on multiple product options and multiple areas. Value engineering options are considered and communication as an option for each potential project we survey.

Do you remove existing flooring?

All existing flooring is tested to insure it’s bond strength. If it is determined that the floor needs to be removed, CSS will include removal of existing floor systems.

I want it but, I don’t have the money?

We understand the need to work on a limited budget and we are here to work with you. We will partner with you to provide products and solutions that will meet your financial needs. Between value engineering and phasing construction designs, we will work to meet your budget requirements.