CSS offers the installation of products that protect, preserve, reinforce and enhance your concrete surface. Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications, we are determined to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Services provided include concrete shot blasting, polishing, staining, stamped overlays, and Liquid Elements resinous flooring, wall and ceiling applications. If you have issues with your concrete, we have a solution!

Concrete Staining

The unique look that concrete stains and dyes have to offer have transformed the look of concrete over the past 20 years. Vibrant colors and color patterns are a great way to capture attention in and around your facility. We offer various types of acid stain and dye installations.

Stamped Overlays

Polymer modified cementitious overlays are designed to repair and refurbish old concrete, transforming it into a new stamped concrete finish. The finish can then be stained and sealed to bring new life into an old concrete surface. Old driveways and patios can be turned into a modern design at a fraction of the price.

Concrete Preparation

Any floor system that is designed to have an adhesive or chemical bond to a substrate requires substrate preparation. We offer mechanical concrete preparation with the use of shot blast machines, scarifiers, planetary grinders and edge grinders. We are able to meet the aggressive requirements of CSP finishes to ensure that your floor has an appropriate substrate adhesion.

Preparing Concrete – Shot Blast Machine

The video demonstrates a blatrac 1-10 DSGI shot blast machine. Shot blasting is the most efficient way to prepare a concrete substate for resinous flooring applications. It is a one-step method for stripping, cleaning and profiling surfaces in preparation for coatings and overlays. Not only do shotblasting systems produce a roughened texture that improves adhesion of decorative toppings, they also leave surfaces dry and immediately ready for recoating or resurfacing.

Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete has broadened the horizons for transforming concrete into a smooth, clean, maintainable, high gloss finish. Since the introduction of polishing concrete in our country 12 years ago, polishing has become a sustainable option in all types of facilities. With the introduction of concrete dyes and densifiers, polishing is a great way to attain a unique, attractive concrete finish in your facility.

Concrete Rehab

Damage can occur to concrete in your facility from impact, movement (mainly around joints and columns), erosion and corrosion. Holes, cracks and humps created from these issues can cause safety issues and excessive wear and tear to rolling equipment. We offer solutions to these problems. We repair holes, humps, cracks and joints, customizing engineering details for your particular need.

Safety Striping and Signage

The safety of your employees is top priority in any organization. We install colored pedestrian striping and signage in your facility. These safe zone indicators are a must in facilities where there is pedestrian and forklift traffic. Properly installed striping, signage and colored safety indicators are crucial in helping to promote a safe working environment.

Design and Consulting

One of the beautiful features that we offer is customized flooring design. We bring consulting experience to the table when it comes to developing a unique, “one of a kind” floor. Not only can we offer the incorporation of company logos in our floor systems, we can offer colors and floor patterns that compliment their surroundings.


We offer the custom design and installation of concrete and epoxy countertops. We offer unique, one of kind, countertops that will capture attention of your guests and provide you with a functional, stain resistant, seamless surface. We are also able to refurbish existing countertops providing a new, up-to-date look.